Casual Dresses

Where to Wear Casual Dresses

If you’re like me, chances are you are always captivated by the options in casual dresses. While you may wear a formal dress to a party or ball, where can you wear a casual dress? Before you go all in and buy dresses online to fill your closet, consider these four places where casual dresses are a great choice.

  • Church - More and more churches are embracing a more casual dress code. Wearing your casual dress is a great choice because you’ll feel dressed up but still stay cool and happy. A casual dress is a very happy medium when it comes to dressing for church or a church function.

  • Dinner or Drinks - If you’re able to get out and enjoy a night with a friend or loved one, why not wear a dress? Casual dresses are a great choice for a dinner or drink out. You’ll feel like you look your best and you’ll be comfortable too.

  • Vacation - When you’re packing for vacation, adding a few casual dresses to the mix is a great idea. One dress will take up less room in your luggage than a full outfit with pants and a shirt will, plus you can often wear one piece in multiple ways to really expand your options.

  • Work - What is your office dress code like? Most places will let you wear a casual dress to work. Once you get used to wearing one, you’ll find that it is often more comfortable than pants and in summer you will benefit from the overall cooler and less confining feel that a dress brings.


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